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  • 2005
  • 7.9  (1,827)

Hanuman is a 2005 animated movie that takes us back to the time of Ramayana and brings to life the beloved character of Hanuman. The movie is directed by V.G. Samant and produced by Percept Picture Company. It stars Mukesh Khanna as the voice of Hanuman, while Viraj and Mona Shetty lend their voices to the characters of Lord Rama and Sita, respectively.

The movie tells the story of Hanuman, the mighty monkey god who is born to the wind god, Vayu, and is blessed with strength, agility, and intelligence. As a child, Hanuman's mischievous nature often lands him in trouble, but his devotion to Lord Rama remains unshaken. He grows up to become Lord Rama's most trusted ally and aide-de-camp in his battle against the demon king, Ravana.

The story of Hanuman's birth and childhood is narrated in an engaging manner that is bound to leave the audience spellbound. The playful antics of the young Hanuman are sure to bring a smile to your face, while the portrayal of his devotion to Lord Rama is bound to evoke emotions. The movie does an excellent job of showcasing the divine powers of Hanuman and his unwavering commitment to Lord Rama.

The animation in the movie is top-notch and blends seamlessly with the storyline. The scenic backgrounds of the movie are breathtakingly beautiful and are reminiscent of the ancient Indian art style. The character designs are spot-on, and the attention to detail is evident in every frame of the movie. The action scenes are choreographed to perfection, and the fight sequences are captivating.

The music and the songs in the movie are mesmerizing and aptly capture the emotions of the characters. The background score is evocative and helps in setting the mood of the scene. The songs are beautifully rendered and are sure to stay with you long after the movie is over.

The movie's storyline focuses on the epic battle between Lord Rama and Ravana, and Hanuman's role is pivotal in ensuring Lord Rama's victory. Hanuman's attributes of strength, agility, and intelligence come to the fore as he helps Lord Rama in his quest to rescue Sita from Ravana's clutches. The movie showcases how Hanuman uses his powers to overcome insurmountable odds and emerges victorious in the battle against evil.

Hanuman is not just a movie, but an experience that takes you on a journey through ancient Indian mythology. It showcases the virtues of devotion, strength, and sacrifice and how these virtues can help one overcome any obstacle. The movie is a visual treat and a must-watch for anyone who loves animation, mythology, or storytelling.

In conclusion, Hanuman is an excellent animated movie that showcases the greatness of Hanuman and his unwavering devotion to Lord Rama. The movie's animation, music, and storyline come together to create an immersive experience that is bound to stay with you long after you have seen it. Hanuman is a movie that is sure to appeal to audiences of all ages and is a must-watch for anyone who loves mythology or animation.

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