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  • 1993
  • 1 hr 26 min
  • 6.6  (286)

Hart To Hart Returns is an American television movie that was first aired in 1993. The film is a continuation of the popular television series "Hart to Hart," which aired from 1979 to 1984. The movie brings back the beloved characters of Jonathan and Jennifer Hart, played by Robert Wagner and Stefanie Powers respectively. The Harts are a wealthy and stylish couple who find themselves drawn back into the world of mystery and intrigue after a long absence.

The story begins with the couple returning to their luxurious Beverly Hills home after a year-long trip around the world. Everything seems to be going well, and they are happy to be back in their beloved hometown. However, their idyllic life is disrupted when a young woman named Sydney, played by Susan Sullivan, arrives at their door with a shocking revelation.

Sydney tells the Harts that she is the daughter of Max, their former butler, who passed away while they were away. However, she also claims that Max did not die of natural causes, but rather was murdered, and she suspects foul play. Sydney pleads with the Harts to help her uncover the truth about Max's death.

Jonathan and Jennifer are initially skeptical but eventually agree to help Sydney investigate. They soon discover that Max was involved in a complex web of political and corporate intrigue that ultimately led to his death. As the Harts delve deeper into the mystery, they find themselves in danger and must use all their skills and resources to stay alive.

Hart to Hart Returns is a nostalgic throwback to the classic detective shows of the 70s and 80s. The film captures the stylish and sophisticated atmosphere of the original series while adding a new layer of complexity and intrigue. The chemistry between Wagner and Powers is as strong as ever, and their banter and wit add a touch of humor to the film.

The supporting cast also shines in Hart to Hart Returns. Lionel Stander reprises his role as Max in flashback scenes, and his wise-cracking commentary adds a charming touch. Susan Sullivan is a newcomer to the series, but she fits in seamlessly and brings an air of mystery to her role.

One of the strengths of Hart to Hart Returns is its attention to detail. The film is full of elegant locations, sumptuous wardrobes, and beautiful cinematography that transport the viewer back to the glamorous world of the Harts. However, the film does not rely on style alone but also has a compelling plot with numerous twists and turns that keep the audience engaged.

In conclusion, Hart to Hart Returns is an entertaining and satisfying continuation of the popular television series. The film captures the essence of the original show while adding a new layer of intrigue and suspense. Robert Wagner and Stefanie Powers reprise their iconic roles with aplomb, and the supporting cast fits in seamlessly. The film is full of style and substance and is a must-watch for fans of the series and anyone who loves classic detective tales.

Hart To Hart Returns
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    1 hr 26 min
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    6.6  (286)