Hear My Song

"There's definitely magic in the air"
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Hear My Song is a biographical film based on the life of tenor Josef Locke. It stars Ned Beatty and Adrian Dunbar Locke was a brilliant tenor and was famous in Ireland. Micky O’Neil owns a nightclub in Liverpool called Hartley’s Night Club. The nightclub has been steadily losing business and Micky is desperate to keep his customers coming. He also wants to impress his girlfriend Nancy with his business skills. He tells them that he is planning a concert with Josef Locke. Locke is famous and well-loved and Micky believes this information will be enough to keep his customers coming.

Micky also books other performers who all end being a disaster. He tries to hire a Frank Sinatra impersonator and the results are terrible. Micky doesn’t give up home. He meets another singer called Mr. X. and tries to get him to pose as Jo Locke, a Josef Locke impersonator. The man is mysterious and tells Micky he cannot do that although he refuses to tell him why.

It turns out that the real Josef Locke is on the run from the tax authorities. Locke left all of his possessions behind in Ireland including expensive cars and clothes as well as his pets. Micky does not care and finally manages to persuade Mr. X to perform. One night, Kathleen, a well-known Irish beauty queen figures out what is going on and exposes Micky’s scam to everybody. Micky feels as if his life and reputation is ruined. Nobody wants to come to his close now. Micky decide the only way to get himself back on top is to find the real Josef Locke and get him to perform at the club. Micky leaves Ireland and heads to England where he hears rumors that Locke is hiding out.

| 1991 | 1 hr 44 min | 7.0/10
Brian Flanagan, Constance Cowley, Marie Mullen, Phil Kelly
Peter Chelsom
Hear My Song
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