Purple People Eater

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Purple People Eater was an American science fiction comedy film that catered to younger audiences. The movie was inspired by the 1950's song of the same name by Sheb Wooley, who makes an appearance in the movie. Billy Johnson, played by Neil Patrick Harris, has his head in the clouds. Always dreaming, he isn't aware of what's going on around him. Even the older man he knows as Grandpa, played by Ned Beatty, says he can't spend his whole life in a fantasy world. However, things change for Billy after Sheb Wooley's song is played.

After he hears another rendition of Purple People Eater, Billy sees a purple light arc across the sky. Running outside to check, he's surprised to see a large, furry, one-eyed alien jump from a tree and land right next to him. Though afraid at first, Billy realizes the alien, who he names Purple, is friendly. In addition, the horn on the top of his head emits rock and roll music.

Exhibiting powers such as flight and the ability to disappear in a spin of light, Billy enlists Purple's help to stop Grandpa and his wife Rita, played by Shelly Winters, from being evicted from their home. To do this, Billy puts a band together with himself, Purple, and friend Big Z, portrayed by Dustin Diamond, and introduces a new song called Do the Purple. Gaining popularity and attention from folks like Chubby Checker and the town mayor, played by Little Richard, Billy and Purple are able to save Grandpa and Rita's home.

Purple People Eater was written, produced, and directed by Linda Shayne. The film was produced and distributed by the Motion Picture Corporation of America (MPCA) and released in December of 1988 with a PG rating.

| 1988 | | 4.7/10
Ned Beatty, Linda Talcott, Bobby Porter, Shelley Winters
Linda Shayne
Produced By
Linda Shayne
Purple People Eater
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