Hellion: The Devil's Playground

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Hellion: The Devil's Playground, originally titled "Cubbyhouse," is the story of Lynn Graham, a recent divorcee who has returned Australia with her three children. Lynn's limited funds render her only able to purchase a rickety house near her sister's place, with the realtor forgetting that the house should never be sold to families with kids. While Lynn's youngest children are transfixed by a play house, teenaged Danny dates Bronwyn, a neighboring girl. The teens learn about a man that performed dark rituals inside the play house of Danny's back yard, with Danny soon realizing that his siblings seem disturbingly "off."

| 2002 | 1 hr 29 min
Joshua Leonard, Belinda McClory and Lauren Hewett
Murray Fahey
Hellion: The Devil's Playground
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Also starring Belinda McClory