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  • 1960
  • 1 hr 35 min
  • 7.1  (809)

Il Mattatore is an Italian comedy film from 1960 directed by Dino Risi, starring Vittorio Gassman, Dorian Gray, Anna Maria Ferrero, and a host of other talented actors. The movie is a hilarious satire of the Italian film industry and its fixation on stereotypical characters and plotlines. At the center of the film is Augusto Sbisà, played brilliantly by Gassman, a talented actor who is frustrated with the lack of opportunity in his career. He is constantly typecast as the same character, despite his efforts to show his range and depth as an actor. His woes are compounded by the fact that his wife (Gray) is also an actress who is more successful and sought after than he is.

One day, Augusto is given an opportunity to play a different kind of role when he is cast as a Mafia boss in a new film. He throws himself into the role, researching the character and immersing himself in the world of crime to truly embody the character. But when the film's producer (played by Ferrero) decides she wants to change the character to a more typical and predictable one, Augusto rebels and refuses to play the part.

This leads to a series of comedic mishaps and misunderstandings as Augusto tries to navigate his newfound notoriety and the various people who want a piece of him - including a group of real-life Mafiosi who mistake him for the real boss he played in the film. Along the way, Augusto learns more about himself and his craft and begins to see a glimmer of hope for his career.

Il Mattatore is a witty and charming film that is full of well-timed jokes and clever commentary on the film industry. Gassman is superb in the lead role, imbuing Augusto with a mix of insecurity, arrogance, and vulnerability that makes him both relatable and ridiculous. Gray and Ferrero are also fantastic in their roles, both playing strong-willed and intelligent women who hold their own in the male-dominated world of the film industry.

One of the most impressive aspects of Il Mattatore is how it manages to be a comedy while also poking fun at serious issues like censorship and creative control. The film's producer is portrayed as an opportunistic and shortsighted figure who is more interested in making money than making art, while the Mafia is shown as a powerful and intimidating force that can dictate the content of films through fear and intimidation.

Despite its serious themes, however, Il Mattatore never veers into heavy-handedness or preachiness. It maintains a light and irreverent tone throughout, keeping the audience entertained and engaged from start to finish.

Overall, Il Mattatore is a classic Italian comedy that is well worth watching for anyone interested in the history of Italian film or just looking for a good laugh. With its wry humor, memorable performances, and satirical commentary on the film industry, it is a true gem of the genre and a testament to the enduring appeal of Italian cinema.

Il Mattatore
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