A Difficult Life

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Silvio spent his life trying to conform to a high standard of principles without realizing that sticking too closely to those standards could cost him everything that ever mattered. His wife gives up and leaves him high and dry. He attempts to climb the high ladder of success only to be knocked down time and again because he allows people to walk all over him instead of doing a little walking all over them.

He decides to change his ways and begin to work towards getting his wife back and his career where he has always wanted it. The changes work and he has all that he thought he always wanted. Unfortunately, Silvio still feels a pit of emptiness inside him and he cannot quite pinpoint what is causing it.

Not Rated
| 1962 | 1 hr 58 min | 8.0/10
Alberto Sordi, Lea Massari, Franco Fabrizi, Lina Volonghi
Dino Risi
Produced By
Dino De Laurentiis
A Difficult Life
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