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  • 1977
  • 1 hr 58 min
  • 7.8  (3,030)

Un borghese piccolo piccolo, directed by Mario Monicelli, is an Italian comedy-drama movie that was released in 1977. The movie stars Alberto Sordi as the main character, Bruno Baldassarre, a middle-aged man who works as a clerk at a government office in Rome. The movie is a poignant commentary on the social and political realities of post-World War II Italy, with the focus on the struggles of the middle-class, and their aspirations and disappointments.

The movie begins with Bruno Baldassarre receiving the news of his son's tragic death, who was killed in Rome by some criminals. The news shatters him, and he struggles to deal with his grief. Bruno's wife, Anna, played by Shelley Winters, is equally distraught and overbearing, and she constantly reminds Bruno of the loss of their son.

Bruno, who is a decent person and devoted father, decides to seek justice for his son's death, and his quest leads him to the corrupt, criminal underworld of Rome. In his pursuit of justice, he comes across a series of obstacles, and soon realizes that to get justice, he has to play dirty.

As he descends deeper into the underworld, he discovers that the people who control the system, are the very ones who are responsible for his son's death. He finds himself at odds with the cynical and indifferent bureaucracy of the police who treat his son's death as just another statistic. Bruno's journey of self-discovery, his disillusionment with the justice system, and his eventual acceptance of defeat are the central themes of the movie.

Alberto Sordi's portrayal of Bruno Baldassarre is a masterclass in acting. He effortlessly brings to life the character of a middle-class Italian man, with his quirks, frustrations, and dreams. He is at once sad, funny, and endearing, and his performance brings depth to the character. Shelley Winters is equally impressive as Anna, playing the role of a doting but overbearing mother with conviction.

Vincenzo Crocitti, who plays Bruno's best friend, provides comic relief in an otherwise serious movie. His character is a street-smart, comic, and a foil to Bruno's straight-laced personality. His scenes with Bruno are some of the funniest in the movie, and he adds a touch of levity to the otherwise gloomy storyline.

The movie's cinematography is excellent, with the camera capturing the grittiness of Rome's streets, and the lush beauty of the Italian countryside. The movie's score is poignant and understated, and it enhances the movie's melancholic tone.

The movie's director, Mario Monicelli, expertly balances the movie's comedic and dramatic elements, and he provides a nuanced commentary on the Italian class system, and the country's justice system.

Overall, Un borghese piccolo piccolo is a poignant, insightful, and entertaining movie that will strike a chord with anyone who has experienced the frustration of trying to get justice in a corrupt system. It's an Italian classic that has stood the test of time and remains relevant today.

Un borghese piccolo piccolo
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    1 hr 58 min
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    7.8  (3,030)