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  • 1973
  • 2 hr 22 min
  • 6.5  (472)

Polvere di stelle, which translates to Stardust in English, is a 1973 Italian comedy-drama film directed by Alberto Sordi. The film stars Sordi himself alongside Monica Vitti and John Phillip Law. It tells the story of a struggling Italian actor who travels to Hollywood to pursue his dream of becoming a movie star. The film opens in Rome, where the protagonist, Giovanni "Nino" Fuscagni (played by Sordi), is a struggling actor who can hardly make ends meet. He is married to the beautiful Maddalena (Vitti), but their relationship is strained due to their financial difficulties. One day, Nino receives a letter from Hollywood offering him a leading role in an upcoming movie. Overjoyed by this opportunity, Nino decides to take the chance and flies to America.

Once he arrives in Hollywood, Nino finds that things are not as easy as he imagined. He struggles to fit in with the American culture and is unable to speak English proficiently. His Italian accent is also a problem, and he often struggles to communicate with the people around him. To make matters worse, the movie he was promised is now in danger of being cancelled due to budget constraints.

Despite these setbacks, Nino remains determined to make it big in Hollywood. He teams up with a naive American actress named Linda (played by Law) and a cunning Italian-American film producer named Joe Meyer (played by Shelley Winters). Together, they hatch a plan to make the movie on a tight budget and with inexperienced actors. Nino takes on the responsibility of coaching the actors in their roles, but the language barrier proves to be a significant hurdle.

As the production progresses, Nino slowly starts to feel out of place in Hollywood. He misses his wife dearly and regrets leaving her behind in Italy. He also begins to realize that his dream of becoming a movie star may never come true. However, he keeps up a brave face and continues to work hard on the movie.

Despite its flaws, the movie is eventually completed, and it is screened to an indifferent audience. Nino and Linda are devastated by the poor response to their work, but they take it in stride and continue to pursue their dreams. In the end, Nino decides to return to Italy, where he is greeted with open arms by Maddalena. They embrace each other warmly, and Nino realizes that his true happiness lies in the love and support of his family.

Polvere di stelle is a beautifully shot film that captures the essence of Hollywood in the 1970s. The performances by Alberto Sordi, Monica Vitti, and John Phillip Law are outstanding, and they bring their characters to life with a great deal of humor and poignancy. The film is a charming exploration of the universal desire to fulfill one's dreams, and the challenges that come with chasing that dream in a foreign land.

Polvere di stelle
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    2 hr 22 min
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  • IMDB Rating
    6.5  (472)