Il mistero di Oberwald

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This Italian period piece drama and mystery film, alternatively titled, The Mystery of Oberwald, was directed by Michelangelo Antonioni. The plot of the film concerns a young writer of subverssive literature who, seeking refuge during a particularly dark and stormy night, breaks into the old and mysterious mansion of Oberwald. While there the young poet encounters the queen of his country whom he blames for everything which has gone wrong in recent years. Considering her a fanatical tyrant he vows to kill her before the night is through. But before he can complete this fatal task he is discovered. However, the queen spares him due to his striking resemblance to her husband, the late king.

1980 | | 6.4/10
Monica Vitti, Paolo Bonacelli, Franco Branciaroli, Luigi Diberti
Il mistero di Oberwald or The Mystery of Oberwald is a 1981 drama film, written, edited and directed by Italian Director Michelangelo Antonioni. It was filmed on video. It is based on Jean Cocteau's The Eagle Has Two Heads (French:L'Aigle a Deu
Il mistero di Oberwald
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Also starring Paolo Bonacelli