I'm Dangerous Tonight

"Amy has a new dress that will take your breath away ...forever..."

I'm Dangerous Tonight is a horror thriller movie. An ancient Aztec cloth is used to make a dress. A young woman receives some cloth to make a dress. She is unaware the cloth is of ancient Aztec manufacture and has a curse laid upon it. She makes the dress and wears it. Once she goes out strange events happen. She does things she would never do in regular life. The curse takes her over and will do the same to anyone who wears this cursed dress.

The movie focuses on the transmission of the curse from the cloth to the dress. Whoever wears this dress is the victim of the curse.

| 1990 | 1 hr 40 min | 4.8/10
Mädchen Amick, Corey Parker, Daisy Hall, R. Lee Ermey
MCA Universal Home Video
Tobe Hooper
I'm Dangerous Tonight
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