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  • 2013
  • 5.7  (12)

Improvement Club is a 2013 independent comedy film directed and written by Dayna Hanson. The movie follows a group of young artists in Seattle who are struggling to cope with the realities of post-college life. Finding themselves stuck in dead-end jobs and disenchanted with their creative pursuits, the group bands together to form the titular "Improvement Club" - a collective designed to inspire each other to push beyond their perceived limitations and achieve greatness.

The story is told through the eyes of Hanson's character, Kelly, a dancer who has abandoned her dreams of performing to work at a greeting card company. Kelly is initially hesitant to join the Improvement Club, but is eventually convinced by her friends Maggie and Ben (played by Maggie Brown and Kent Moran) to attend their weekly meetings.

The group's sessions are a mix of bizarre performances, absurdist skits, and half-baked brainstorming sessions filled with wild ideas and barely-realized concepts. One member, a former art student named Jensen (played by Wade Madsen), proposes a project to create giant foam hands and scatter them throughout the city in order to inspire joy and whimsy. Another member, a musician named Ronnie (played by Basil Harris), suggests they produce an album of "supreme party hits." Kelly's own contributions to the club initially involve a series of dance routines to popular songs, which she hopes to adapt into meaningful performances.

As the movie progresses, the group's projects become more ambitious and convoluted. They begin to incorporate various performance art elements into their work, including singing, dancing, and spoken word poetry. They also begin to rely on increasingly outlandish gimmicks in order to garner attention for their wacky projects.

However, as the group begins to gain a following and achieve minor success, tensions start to arise within the Improvement Club. Personal rivalries, egos, and miscommunications threaten to tear the group apart. Kelly finds herself at odds with Maggie, whose long-term plans for the club differ from Kelly's desire for more immediate, spontaneous creative expression. Meanwhile, Jensen's larger-than-life vision for the foam hand project leads to disastrous results, causing the group to question the practicality of their endeavors.

Overall, Improvement Club is a quirky, offbeat comedy that celebrates the power of artistic inspiration and the joys of creative expression. It's a movie that appeals to anyone who has ever felt lost or stifled in their pursuits, and is a testament to the importance of finding like-minded people who share your vision and passion.

The film is anchored by standout performances from its talented cast, particularly Maggie Brown and Dayna Hanson as the conflicted, passionate leaders of the Improvement Club. Jim Kent also shines as the lovable slacker Ben, who provides some of the movie's most comedic moments.

The movie's visuals are also impressive, featuring colorful, vibrant cinematography that brings the group's performances to life. The soundtrack, featuring a blend of original compositions and popular songs, is catchy and fun.

While the movie's humor isn't for everyone - some viewers may find the group's antics too strange or off-putting - those who give it a chance will be rewarded with a heartwarming, charming indie gem that celebrates the joys of artistic creation and the power of community. Improvement Club is a must-watch for anyone who's ever felt the pull of their own creative passions.

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    5.7  (12)