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  • 2008
  • 1 hr 37 min
  • 5.4  (375)

In Love with the Dead is a Chinese horror movie released in 2007, directed by Danny Pang. The film is based on a novel of the same name by Qiong Yao. The movie is about a lonely mortuary worker named Xiao Jun (Shawn Yue), who falls in love with a beautiful corpse named Mei (Yung Yung Yu) that he embalms. Mei was a famous singer who tragically died in a car accident.

Xiao Jun's life is transformed when he starts to see Mei's ghostly apparition, and she begins to communicate with him. She tells him that her death was not an accident, but rather the result of her manager's greed and desire. She asks for his help in seeking revenge on those who caused her death.

Meanwhile, Xiao Jun's girlfriend, Yan (Stephy Tang), a journalist, is investigating the death of Mei and the mystery surrounding it. She becomes increasingly suspicious of Xiao Jun's behavior and his obsession with the dead Mei. Yan is even more alarmed when she sees Mei's ghostly figure in Xiao Jun's apartment.

As Mei's vengeful spirit continues to reveal more details about her death to Xiao Jun, he becomes increasingly grief-stricken and starts to conduct his own investigation. He soon discovers that Mei's manager was responsible for her death and that he tried to use her body for his own gain.

The movie combines horror, mystery, romance, and suspense to create a compelling and spooky story. The cinematography and special effects are well executed and add to the overall creepy atmosphere of the movie.

One of the most striking elements of In Love with the Dead is the theme of obsession. Xiao Jun becomes so enamored with the dead Mei that he is willing to risk everything, including his sanity and relationship with Yan, to help her seek revenge. The film examines the dangerous consequences of unyielding fixations and the harm they bring to one's own life and relationships.

Another compelling element of the movie is the idea that the dead can communicate with the living. Mei's ghostly figure is not portrayed as evil, but as a wronged victim seeking justice. The notion that the dead can still have a voice and an impact on the living is a recurring motif in Asian horror movies, and In Love with the Dead is no exception.

The performances of the three main actors–Shawn Yue, Stephy Tang, and Yung Yung Yu–are excellent. Yue's portrayal of Xiao Jun is nuanced and sympathetic, and he manages to convey both the character's vulnerability and his descent into madness. Tang's character, Yan, provides a much-needed contrast to the eerie and melancholic scenes of Xiao Jun's obsession. Her investigative skills and strong determination add a necessary grounding element to the film. Yung Yung Yu delivers an ethereal performance as the ghostly Mei, combining beauty with sadness and anger.

In conclusion, In Love with the Dead is a hauntingly beautiful horror movie that explores themes of obsession, revenge, and communication with the dead. The film is well-crafted and visually stunning, with excellent performances from its cast. It is not for the faint-hearted, but for those who appreciate the macabre, In Love with the Dead is definitely worth watching.

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