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  • 1978
  • 2 hr 15 min
  • 7.0  (250)

Inkaar (1977) is a Bollywood drama film directed by Raj N. Sippy, starring Vinod Khanna, Vidya Sinha, and Shreeram Lagoo. The movie explores the complex dynamics of workplace sexual harassment in a male-dominated corporate world. The story revolves around a prestigious advertising agency called Selvytad which is headed by Mr. Rahul Verma (Vinod Khanna). Miss Benare (Vidya Sinha), a talented copywriter, joins the agency and becomes an integral part of the team. However, Rahul starts taking undue advantage of her professional relationship and makes unwanted advances towards her. Over time, the situation escalates to a point where Miss Benare decides to file a sexual harassment case against Rahul.

The movie is structured as a series of flashbacks, with Rahul and Miss Benare narrating their version of events to an inquiry committee which has been set up to investigate the case. As their stories unfold, the movie delves into the complex power dynamics at play in the workplace, and the characters' conflicting interpretations of the same events.

Inkaar is a well-crafted commentary on the complexities of workplace harassment, power dynamics and gender roles in the corporate world. It avoids simplistic portrayals and instead opts for nuanced and complex characters who exhibit both admirable qualities as well as flaws. Vinod Khanna delivers a gripping performance as Rahul Verma, the charismatic, enigmatic, and complex character who is both the oppressor and the oppressed. His sense of superiority and entitlement is palpable, as is his thinly veiled anger and frustration at being held accountable for his actions. Vidya Sinha, on the other hand, delivers a powerful performance as Miss Benare, the survivor who is determined to stand up for her rights.

Shreeram Lagoo plays the role of the chairman of the inquiry committee with gravitas and nuance. His character provides a much-needed sense of objectivity to the proceedings, even as he grapples with his own biases and preconceptions. The supporting cast of the film is also noteworthy, with strong performances from Amjad Khan, Bharti Achrekar, and Yunus Parvez.

The music by Rajesh Roshan complements the mood and tone of the movie perfectly. The songs, especially "Dil Ki Kali Yoon Hi Sada Khilti Rahaygi" and "Mungda Mungda", remain popular to this day.

Inkaar is a rare example of a Bollywood movie that tackles a sensitive issue with maturity, nuance, and sensitivity. Despite being made in 1977, the movie remains relevant today, providing a searing commentary on the ways in which gender, power, and privilege intersect in the corporate world.

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    2 hr 15 min
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    7.0  (250)