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  • 1990
  • 2 hr 51 min
  • 7.9  (388)

Lekin..., released in 1990, is a Hindi language film that revolves around the story of Reva (played by Dimple Kapadia) who discovers a manuscript while exploring an old palace in Rajasthan. The manuscript tells the story of a musician named Harnam (played by Vinod Khanna), who lived during the 1920s, and how his life is intertwined with the present.

The film is directed by Gulzar, who is known for his ability to craft a compelling narrative with intricate details and poignant moments. He weaves Lekin... with his signature storytelling style, and the result is a film that holds viewers captive from start to finish.

The film begins with Reva, an independent and curious woman, venturing into a palace out of curiosity while on vacation. Here she comes across a long-forgotten manuscript, and as her eyes move over the pages, she becomes entranced by the tale of Harnam.

Harnam was a talented musician who has been accused of adultery and punished by his village. He seeks to clear his name and ventures on a journey to find a rare and valuable musical instrument that could clear his name. His journey is filled with trials and tribulations, but he perseveres, and his music becomes legendary.

Meanwhile, in the present, as Reva delves deeper into the manuscript, she comes across a spooky mystery, and the line between reality and fantasy blurs. She becomes obsessed with unraveling the secrets held within the pages of the manuscript and embarks on a journey that takes her from the present to the past.

Vinod Khanna as Harnam is mesmerizing. His scenes, as a musician on a quest for redemption, are moving, and he adds depth to the character, making Harnam seem relatable and human. Dimple Kapadia, as Reva, is convincing as a woman grappling with the mystery at hand, and her journey of self-discovery and self-realization is eye-opening.

Amjad Khan as Gauri Shankar, the antagonist in the film, is menacing, and his portrayal of the villain is well-done, making him seem like a real threat to the hero's journey. The music of the film is top-notch, with memorable compositions that fit in perfectly with the cinematic narrative. The writing is crisp and concise, and the dialogues are natural and engaging.

One of the highlights of the film is its cinematography by Ashok Mehta. The palace where most of the action takes place is shot to perfection, and the surrounding landscapes and Rajasthan's dusty interiors are captured beautifully on film. The camera angles and the framing add depth and meaning to the visuals, and the use of light and shadow is a master stroke.

While the film has its share of supernatural elements, it never loses its grip on reality. The balance between magical realism and a grounded sense of reality is never skewed, making Lekin... a unique and memorable experience that stays with the viewer long after the credits have rolled. It's a testament to Gulzar's vision and the talented ensemble cast that makes the film a triumph of cinematic storytelling.

In conclusion, Lekin... is a beautifully crafted film that deserves praise for its innovative screenplay, performances, music, and cinematography. It's a film that surprises, moves and dazzles the viewer in equal measure, making it a true masterpiece of Indian cinema.

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    2 hr 51 min
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    7.9  (388)