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  • 1987
  • 8.4  (1,663)

Ijaazat is a 1987 Indian film written and directed by Gulzar. It features an ensemble cast comprising of Rekha, Naseeruddin Shah, and Anuradha Patel. The film revolves around a former couple who meet after a long time and reminisce about their past relationship. The movie opens with the introduction of Maya (Rekha) and Mahendra (Naseeruddin Shah), who are shown meeting after many years in a deserted railway station. Mahendra is headed to his hometown to attend his son's wedding, while Maya is en route to her husband's place. The movie is narrated through a series of flashbacks that reveal the complicated history of their relationship.

The story then takes us back to the time when Maya and Mahendra first met. The two were students in college, and they fell in love at first sight. However, their relationship was complicated by multiple factors, including Mahendra's mother's disapproval of the match due to Maya's profession as a singer. Despite their love for each other, Maya and Mahendra's relationship ended in a divorce.

The film also focuses on the relationship between Mahendra and his current wife Sudha (Anuradha Patel), who is also an old college friend of Maya. Sudha is well aware of Mahendra's past relationship with Maya and is trying to give him space to reconnect with her.

One of the most interesting aspects of the film is the way in which the director explores the concept of love and relationships. Gulzar delves deep into the intricacies of human emotions, and the film is a masterpiece of subtle storytelling. The relationship between Maya and Mahendra is shown to be complicated and multifaceted, showcasing the various shades of love.

The film's screenplay is also noteworthy for its poetic language, which captures the essence of the characters and their emotions. Gulzar's lyrical dialogues, coupled with the brilliant acting by Rekha and Naseeruddin Shah, create a truly unforgettable cinematic experience.

The film's music, composed by R.D. Burman, is another highlight of the movie. The songs, especially "Mera Kuchh Saamaan" and "Katata Nahin Hai Din," have become classics and are still popular today.

Overall, Ijaazat is a masterpiece of Indian cinema that explores the complexities of love and relationships through its well-drawn characters and poetic language. The film is a must-watch for fans of Indian cinema and for anyone who appreciates the art of storytelling.

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