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  • 1985
  • 7.2  (1,100)

Arjun, released in 1985, is an Indian crime drama film directed by Rahul Rawail. The movie stars Sunny Deol, Dimple Kapadia, and Raj Kiran in the lead roles. It is a story about a man named Arjun, who is a righteous and honest person and works in a cloth mill. However, he falls victim to a corrupt system when he is framed for a theft he did not commit. The movie is an emotional drama about the struggles of the common man against the corrupt system.

The movie begins with Arjun working in a mill and living a simple life along with his mother and sister. Arjun's happy life is disturbed when he is falsely accused of stealing a diamond ring from the mill owner, who is corrupt and uses his power to blackmail Arjun. Arjun, being an honest person, cannot bear the injustice and decides to fight against the corrupt system. He seeks the help of a lawyer named Gauri, played by Dimple Kapadia, who is also fighting against corruption.

Arjun is eventually convicted of the crime and sent to jail. While in jail, he meets a man named Shamsher Singh, played by Raj Kiran, who is a notorious criminal. Shamsher Singh is impressed by Arjun's honesty and decides to help him. He arranges for Arjun's escape from jail and provides him with a new identity to start a new life. Arjun takes up Shamsher Singh's offer reluctantly as he does not want to resort to illegal means.

Arjun starts a new life under the identity of Prakash and falls in love with Gauri. However, his past catches up with him, and he is forced to reveal his true identity to Gauri. Gauri, who believes in Arjun's honesty, decides to help him clear his name. Together, they set out to expose the corrupt system that framed Arjun.

The movie is a realistic portrayal of corruption in India and how it affects the common man. It highlights the struggles of an honest person who becomes a victim of a corrupt system. The film is also an emotional drama that depicts the bond between a mother and son and the romance between Arjun and Gauri.

The performances in the movie are top-notch, especially by Sunny Deol and Dimple Kapadia. Sunny Deol delivers a strong performance as Arjun, who is torn between his sense of justice and his desire to protect his family. Dimple Kapadia is impressive as Gauri, a strong-willed woman who fights against corruption.

The music in the movie is another highlight, with memorable tracks like "O Bhanvre" and "Tere Liye Saari Umar". The film's cinematography captures the gritty reality of life in Mumbai, and the production design is authentic to the time period.

Overall, Arjun is an emotional and powerful drama about corruption and the struggles of the common man. It is a must-watch movie that remains relevant even after three decades.

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