Jo Bole So Nihaal

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"Jo Bole So Nihaal" is a comedy from 2005. Nihaal is an upstanding Punjabi officer whose chance encounter with the terrorist Romeo leaves his career and reputation irrevocably decimated upon being declared as a traitor. When Romeo makes it to the USA, reports indicate that he plans to end the life of the president. The FBI are desperate enough to stop Romeo, whose face has never been seen, that they enlist Nihaal's assistance in his capture. Nihaal agrees, provided that Romeo is brought back as evidence of Nihaal's innocence.

"Jo Bole So Nihaal" runs two hours and seven minutes long.

2005 | 2 hr 7 min | 3.5/10
Sunny Deol, Thomas Tevana, Gary Castro Churchwell, Kamaal Khan
Rahul Rawail
Produced By
N.R. Pachisia
Jo Bole So Nihaal
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