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Jack-Jack Attack is one of PIXAR’s short films. It shows the time that Kari spent with Mr. and Mrs. Incredible’s youngest son, Jack-Jack, during their trip to the island. The short starts with Kari being questioned by Mr. Dicker, the agent that is handling the family. She starts telling the story of what happened starting with her reassuring Mrs. Parr that she could take care of Jack-Jack. The phone cuts out so she puts on some classical music which causes him to realize his superpowers.

Kari then states that she turned her back. He seems to disappear and she spots him in the kitchen. She shrugs it off and calls Mrs. Parr if this is normal. While she is doing this, he floats to the ceiling and spills milk. Frustrated, Kari flips the playpen upside-down so he can’t escape. He then escapes and reappears on the tall bookshelf. He falls off and as she dives to save him, he passes through the floor. She finds him briefly before he disappears again.

When Kari finally catches him, she entertains him by showing him flashcards. This keeps his attention until they reach campfire and he burst into flames. Panicking, she picks him up with tongs and puts him out in the tub. For an entire day she learns how to anticipate Jack-Jack’s next trick. Kari is exhausted and is close to insanity. He has acquired many powers which include igniting himself, reflecting laser beams, and going through walls. She has several items that she uses to keep him in sight and safe. Kari hears the doorbell and answers it. She hands off the baby to Syndrome, the villain because he states that he is a replacement. Mr. Dicker is surprised that she believed him. She counters that she had not realized that this child had these special needs and was almost insane at the time. Kari states that she has not told anyone about this, afraid to seem insane. Mr. Dicker wipes her memory.

Not Rated
| 2005 | 4 min | 7.6/10
Bret 'Brook' Parker, Bud Luckey, Eli Fucile, Jason Lee
Walt Disney Home Entertainment
Brad Bird
Produced By
Osnat Shurer
Jack-Jack Attack

Also starring Bud Luckey

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