Johnny Stecchino

"Sometimes a banana is just a banana!"
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When Johnny Stecchino was first released in Italy, it was seen as one of the most popular films of that time. An Italian directed, filmed, and produced film; Johnny Stecchino is about a bumbling man in a fedora who enjoys stealing bananas. The movie itself comes in both Italian and English languages. The Italian farce was directed by the main acting protagonist, Roberto Benigni.

As kind-hearted a soul as Dante was, it's the man's naivety what gets him involved with the wrong crowd and sets him out on a dangerous - albeit funny - adventure of a lifetime. The main character's escapade involves a mistake in identity. This mistake is made when Dante, working as a bus driver, is mistaken for a man nicknamed Toothpick; his tougher, more serious look-alike who's been working in the mob scene for most his life.

Dante is working as a bus driver for a special school when one night, he happens across a woman named Maria (Nicoletta Braschi), a well-off and attractive woman who originates from Palermo, Sicily. She accidentally runs him over. He immediately falls head over heels for this woman and is lured into a web of deception. This is done by tricking Dante into impersonating her husband, the famous mobster Johnny Stecchino, aka; Toothpick. It first begins when she takes him home, to her villa. Maria begins to buy him suits and calling him Johnny. Of course, Dante thinks nothing of it. He's too busy swooning over the mysterious woman to care.

Meanwhile, the real Johnny is forced to hide out in his home, due to his testimony against several local mafia bosses. Fearing for his life, he refuses to leave his home until the heat dies down. That's when he and his wife cook up the plan to set Dante up to look like the stool pigeon.

The plan is to have Dante assassinated by the mob in place of Johnny, since they look so much alike. They would then have his body buried in the plot that Johnny is meant to be buried, so that the real Toothpick and his wife can run away to Argentina, scot-free.

| 1991 | 1 hr 41 min | 7.2/10
Roberto Benigni, Nicoletta Braschi, Paolo Bonacelli, Franco Volpi
Roberto Benigni
Produced By
Mario Cecchi Gori,, Vittorio Cecchi Gori
Johnny Stecchino
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