Just You and Me, Kid

"The story of two juvenile delinquents."
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Just You and Me, Kid is a comedy film starring popular actors such as George Burns, Christopher Knight, Burl Ives, and Brooke Shields. The film is revolved around a young teenage girl named Kate, who is wrapped up in the wrong kind of lifestyle. She is dating a drug dealer boyfriend who's much older than she. When she unintentionally messes up a drug deal, Kate is locked in the bathroom, wrapped in a towel while her boyfriend bangs and shouts angrily at the door. She escapes through the window just in time before the police barge in the hotel room. Kate runs so fast that she loses her towel and hides out in a car's trunk. Once the owner comes out from the grocery store, he spots her then takes her home still in the trunk. A friendly relationship between the two ensues and Kate finally has a place to call home.

| 1979 | 1 hr 33 min | 6.0/10
George Burns, Brooke Shields, Lorraine Gary, Ray Bolger
Leonard Stern
Produced By
Irving Fein, Jerome M. Zeitman
Just You and Me, Kid
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