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Set in the mid-1970s, this film revolves around a time when the country of Argentina found itself in some great turmoil and a budding revolution. All around the country people were experiencing terrible losses whether it be their property or their loved ones. A ten-year-old boy by the name of Harry has grown tired of all the chaos around him. His mother and father have been forced to flee their home in search of a better life. The family resorts to adopting brand new identities in order to evade capture. The rest of the film tells the tale of the family's struggle to build a new life.

2002 | 1 hr 45 min | 7.2/10
Ricardo DarÑn, Cecilia Roth, Héctor Alterio, Fernanda Mistral
Marcelo Piñeyro
Produced By
Pablo Bossi, Pedro D'Angelo, Oscar Kramer, Francisco Ramos
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