Son of the Bride

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Rafael is in a spot in his life that he considers complete disaster. He does not have his own path in life; instead, he hides under the shadow of his daddy. On the other hand, Rafael has a lot of guilt in his heart, because he hardly goes to see his mother, who is getting extremely old. To make matters worse, Rafael also has a wife that keeps complaining to him, because Rafael does not spend enough time with their daughter. Rafael also has a somewhat girlfriend that he is not sure about, either.

All of these stresses cause Rafael to have a heart attack. However, this heart attack becomes Rafael's savior, because he meets an old friend that helps Rafael get his life back on track. If Rafael could get his life back on track, a lot of people will be in a lot better positions within their lives, too.

| 2001 | 2 hr 3 min | 7.8/10 | 68/100
Ricardo DarÑn, Héctor Alterio, Norma Aleandro, Eduardo Blanco
Juan José Campanella
Produced By
Adrián Suar
Son of the Bride
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2001 The Son of the Bride Official Trailer 1 Sony Pictures Classics|2:36