The Boy Who Cried Bitch

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"Beyond the innocence of childhood... beyond all the rules of society"
  • 1991
  • 1 hr 45 min
  • 6.3  (432)

The Boy Who Cried Bitch is a dramatic film that was released in 1991. The movie was directed by Juan José Campanella and stars Harley Cross, Karen Young, and Jesse Bradford. The film is centered around a young boy named Kevin who is plagued with emotional and psychological issues due to his dysfunctional family life. The story begins with Kevin (Harley Cross) witnessing his mother, Alice (Karen Young) and father, Wallace (Michael Massee), having an intense argument. This argument leads to Wallace leaving the house and Kevin's mother moved them to a new neighborhood. Alice, a successful writer, becomes overwhelmed with work and has difficulty adjusting to the move. This change creates tension and instability for Kevin, who is already a sensitive and emotional child.

Throughout the film, Kevin's behavioral problems become worse, and his mother enlists the help of a therapist, Dr. Lipman (Dennis Boutsikaris), to address these issues. Kevin's therapy sessions ultimately reveal a deep-seated resentment toward his mother and a fear that he might hurt her. While Alice attempts to repair her relationship with Kevin, she is also dealing with her own struggles, including writer's block and the aftermath of her failed marriage.

As Kevin's emotional state deteriorates, he begins to display erratic behavior, including lying and creating various false narratives. Kevin creates a story about his younger brother dying from drowning, which causes a great deal of distress in his family and community. Alice, not wanting Kevin to be labeled as a liar or be ostracized from society, attempts to cover up her son's story, which leads to her complicating the already tense situation.

As the story progresses, the audience is taken through a series of complex and emotionally intense scenes that portray mental health struggles in a raw and realistic light. The film does an excellent job of exploring the multifaceted and often nuanced nature of mental health issues, including the impact it has on those suffering from it and their loved ones.

The Boy Who Cried Bitch is a gritty and raw film that explores family dysfunction and mental health issues in a powerful and thoughtful way. The movie tackles themes like coping with trauma, dealing with anxiety, and facing one's demons. It is a must-watch for anyone who is interested in films that explore mental health, family dynamics, and coming of age. The movie offers a nuanced and thought-provoking look at the issues that impact people's mental health, and the steps that can be taken to address them.

In conclusion, The Boy Who Cried Bitch is a poignant and emotional film that offers a unique perspective on family dynamics and mental health struggles. With excellent performances from the cast, the movie manages to capture the complexities of mental health issues while simultaneously telling a captivating and engaging story. The film is an excellent example of how movies can be used to explore important social themes like mental health and psychological trauma. If you haven't seen this movie yet, it comes highly recommended.

The Boy Who Cried Bitch
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    1 hr 45 min
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    6.3  (432)