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  • 2019
  • 2 hr 2 min
  • 4.5  (295)

KisseBaaz is a comedy-drama film released in 2019, directed by Annant Jaaitpaal and produced by Sanjay Anand and Divya Anand. The film stars Pankaj Tripathi, Rahul Bagga, Anupriya Goenka, and Evelyn Sharma in lead roles. It is a gripping tale of love, deceit, and betrayal filled with lots of humor and wit. The story revolves around a small-town guy named Harshvardhan (Rahul Bagga) who dreams of becoming a big-shot lawyer in the city. However, destiny has different plans for him as he ends up in the company of a bizarre theater group named Natraj Natya Mandali. Harsh gradually becomes an important member of this group and is entrusted with the responsibility of playing the lead role of King in their upcoming play.

Things take a dramatic turn when Naina (Anupriya Goenka), a beautiful girl from Harsh's town, comes to the city to audition for the same play. Harsh falls in love with Naina and decides to impress her by showing off his acting skills. However, things get complicated when another girl named Mohini (Evelyn Sharma) enters the scene and creates a love triangle.

The story takes an unexpected turn when the group's lead actor, Jassi (Pankaj Tripathi), decides to leave the theater group just before the play's premiere. Harsh must step up and replace Jassi as the lead actor, but it's not going to be an easy task. Jassi is a master of deception, and he has many secrets that he has hidden from the rest of the group. In the end, it is up to Harsh and his fellow actors to work together to uncover Jassi's secrets and put on a successful play.

The film showcases the struggles of small-town actors who dream big but struggle to find a place in the competitive world of theater. It explores the themes of love, betrayal, and revenge with a touch of humor and satire. The performances of the lead actors are outstanding, especially Pankaj Tripathi, whose portrayal of Jassi is nothing short of exceptional.

KisseBaaz is a well-written and well-executed film that keeps the audience engaged with its witty dialogue, interesting characters, and unpredictable plot twists. The film's music and cinematography are also noteworthy and add to the overall impact of the movie.

In conclusion, KisseBaaz is a must-watch film for the fans of comedy-drama genre. It is a well-crafted story that guarantees a good time at the cinema. The film's themes of love, betrayal, and deception are universal, and the performances of the lead cast are top-notch. Overall, it is an entertaining ride that leaves the audience with a smile on their face.

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  • Release Date
  • Runtime
    2 hr 2 min
  • IMDB Rating
    4.5  (295)