Kitchen Party

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This movie from Canada presents a casual view of teen life. Agroup of teens decide to stage a house party, anticipating the absence of their parents. Their plans change rather suddenly when the parents entertain guests of their own in the front room. Scott (played by Scott Speedman) and his brother Steve (Jason Wiles) endeavor to host a backroom kitchen party for their friends. The teens include a girl named Cynthia (Sarah Strange), a nerdy boy named Cal (James McBurney) and several others. Kevin McNulty and Gillian Barber appear as Scott's sometimes frustrated parents. Gary Burns directed the film.

Not Rated
| 1997 | 1 min | 6.4/10
Scott Speedman, Tygh Runyan, John Payne, Jessica Leis
Gary Burns
Produced By
Christine Haebler, John Hazlett
Kitchen Party
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Also starring Scott Speedman