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  • 1964
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Kitten with a Whip is a 1964 American movie directed by Douglas Heyes and produced by Joseph E. Levine. The movie stars Ann-Margret as Jody, a troubled and manipulative teenager who escapes from a juvenile detention center and seeks refuge at the home of a conservative politician. John Forsythe plays the politician, David Stratton, who is running for the U.S. Senate. Stratton is a family man with a devoted wife and two children. His life is turned upside down when Jody breaks into his house and holds him hostage. Jody demands that Stratton help her evade the police and protect her from her abusive boyfriend, a local gang leader.

Peter Brown plays the role of Grant, Stratton's campaign manager. Grant becomes involved in the situation when he arrives at Stratton's house to find Jody holding his boss captive. Grant is immediately suspicious of Jody's story and is determined to get her out of Stratton's house and into custody.

As the movie progresses, Jody manipulates and seduces both Stratton and Grant, using her wits and sexuality to gain the upper hand. She reveals dark secrets about both men, causing tension and mistrust to grow between them. Jody's behavior becomes increasingly erratic and dangerous, and the situation spirals out of control.

The movie has a tense and suspenseful tone, with a focus on the power dynamics between Jody, Stratton, and Grant. Ann-Margret gives a standout performance as Jody, showcasing her acting talent as well as her singing abilities with a musical number included in the film. John Forsythe and Peter Brown also deliver solid performances, portraying complex and conflicted characters.

Kitten with a Whip deals with themes of juvenile delinquency, political corruption, and sexual manipulation. The movie was controversial upon its release for its depiction of a sexually provocative teenage girl and its portrayal of politicians as corrupt and compromised. It was also criticized for its portrayal of juvenile delinquency as glamorous and exciting.

Despite the controversy, Kitten with a Whip gained a cult following and became a popular example of 1960s exploitation cinema. The movie was also notable for its use of location shooting in and around Los Angeles, giving viewers a glimpse into the changing urban landscape of the time.

Overall, Kitten with a Whip is a gripping and provocative film that explores mature themes and features strong performances from its lead actors. It remains a fascinating glimpse into 1960s pop culture and a testament to the power of exploitation cinema.

Kitten with a Whip
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