Kolomba Sanniya

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Watching the lights hit the dance floor, Shocker Kahn knows that his lovely wife is about to overdose on cocaine. It isn't because he can read minds, but because he intentionally fed her too much when she went to the bathroom to do drugs. He did it because he just found out that she's an agent for the FBI. He was a DJ, and one of the best in the world, before he turned into an underground drug kingpin. His only friends are thugs and dancers and he vows that he will control the underworld. Now, only one man can stop him.

1976 | | 8.7/10
Joe Abeywickrama, Daya Alwis, Malkam Andri, Jayalath Fernando
Manik Sandrasagara
Produced By
Tyronne Fernando
Kolomba Sanniya
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