The God King

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This haunting motion picture tells the tale of a pair of brothers who are fighting for something that only they can achieve, and that is the command over a race of people. Kasyapa and Mogallana are two brothers who have lived their lives in close coordination with one another. Mogallana is the rightful heir to the throne of their nation once it is handed down from their father. However, Kasyapa is not too thrilled with the idea of living beneath someone, certainly not someone who is his own brother. After committing a horrible murder, Kasyapa confronts Mogallana with the goal of gaining what he believes is his.

1975 | 1 hr 39 min | 7.6/10
Joe Abeywickrama, Mano Breckenridge, Vijaya Kumaratunga, Menik Kurukulasooriya
Lester James Peries
Produced By
Dimitri de Grunwald
The God King
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