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  • 1972
  • 1 hr 50 min
  • 7.8  (157)

Nidhanaya, a gem of Sri Lankan cinema directed by the acclaimed filmmaker Lester James Peries, is an adaptation of G.B. Senanayake's short story. Released in 1972, this Sinhala-language film is a melancholic and supernatural thriller, replete with elements of romance, suspense, and a deep exploration of human character. Throughout its narrative, the film paints a vivid picture of Sri Lanka's colonial past, societal norms, and the complexities of human desire.

The story of Nidhanaya unfolds against the backdrop of a bygone era in Sri Lanka, which is then Ceylon, during British colonial rule. It is set in the aristocratic world of a decaying manorial family, symbolizing the larger decay and transformation of the society at the time. The film's protagonist is a wealthy but ineffectual man named Willie Abeynayake, splendidly portrayed by renowned actor Gamini Fonseka. Willie, a refined but passive character, is trapped in the vestiges of the feudal culture and his own obsessions, which ripple through the narrative like an ominous undercurrent.

The film begins as Willie discovers an ancient manuscript that details a dark family legend, promising immense riches for anyone who can fulfill its cryptic conditions. Consumed by the desire to restore his family's faded glory and wealth, Willie becomes fixated on the legend, embodying a man who is torn between the mystical and the material, past and present. His pursuit of the promised treasure sets the stage for a haunting tale of greed, madness, and the supernatural.

Willie is married to Irene, played with exquisite sensitivity by Malani Fonseka. Irene is a picture of grace and compliance, yet her character depth quietly asserts itself as the story progresses. Her dignified poise and evocative expressions lend the film a subtle emotional resonance that invariably draws the viewer into her world of silent suffering and unspoken understanding. The relationship between Willie and Irene serves as the emotional core of the movie, reflecting a conflicted marriage bound by social conventions and unfulfilled yearnings, adding layers of complexity to the story.

The secondary characters in Nidhanaya, such as K.L. Coranelis Appuhamy, Kumarasinghe Appuhamy, and Saman Bokalawala, contribute richly to the texture of the film. These characters bring to life the diversity of the society, each personifying different facets of the human condition and societal norms. They act as pivotal pieces in the unfolding drama, their interactions and motives adding intrigue and depth to the overarching mystery Willie seeks to unravel.

Nidhanaya is masterfully crafted, blending realist cinema with elements of folklore and the supernatural, creating a unique and atmospheric world. The cinematography, courtesy of the late M.S. Anandan, is elegant and steeped in mood, capturing the beauty of Sri Lanka's landscapes as well as the haunting interiors of the colonial manors. The exquisite framing and lighting encapsulate both the lush exteriors and the dark, psychological interiors of the characters' lives.

The soundtrack of the movie, composed by the legendary musician Pandit W.D. Amaradeva, further weaves a tapestry of suspense and foreboding that underpins the storyline. The music draws from traditional Sinhalese melodies and instruments, lending authenticity to the film's setting while also heightening its emotional impact.

As a director, Lester James Peries exhibits his finesse in storytelling through the understated performances he draws from his actors, the tactful use of symbolism, and the slow-burning tension that propels the film forward. Nidhanaya is a testament to Peries' ability to construct a world that is at once real and unreal, tangible yet shrouded in the mysteries of the human psyche.

The cultural and historical significance of Nidhanaya cannot be overstated; the film offers a kaleidoscopic view into Sri Lankan societal structure and psyche during a period of transition. Peries does not merely tell a tale; he reflects upon the legacy of colonialism, the loss of tradition, and the universal human obsession with wealth and power.

Renowned and revered, Nidhanaya is not just a milestone in Sri Lankan cinema but is also recognized internationally, having won multiple awards including the Silver Lion of St. Mark at the Venice Film Festival in 1972. The film's standing as a classic is enshrined by its inclusion in all-time-great lists and continual study in film circles for its exemplary cinematic language and its profound cultural commentary.

The enduring power of Nidhanaya lies in its haunting narrative, its rich cultural tapestry, and its psychological depth. It navigates the thresholds between reality and fantasy, conscious choices and subconscious drives, offering viewers a window into the soul of a nation and the human condition. It stands as a work of art that is both specific in its setting and universal in its themes, remaining impactful and relevant decades after its release.

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    7.8  (157)