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  • 2003
  • 5.8  (895)

Kovil is a 2003 Tamil drama film directed by Hari and produced by K. Balachander. The film stars Silambarasan Rajendar, Sonia Agarwal, and Vadivelu in lead roles. The movie is a coming-of-age story of three friends – Kokki Kumar (Silambarasan Rajendar), Balaji (Vadivelu) and Kuttimani (Charle) – who are looking to make it big in life. Kumar is a fearless young man who is always ready for a fight, while Balaji is a jobless individual who is looking for opportunities to make money. Kuttimani is a naive and innocent man who is often taken for a ride by his friends.

The plot of the movie revolves around the love triangle between Kumar, a college student named Divya (Sonia Agarwal), and her uncle's son, Aravind (Rajkiran). Divya falls in love with Kumar, and the feeling is mutual. However, Aravind wants to marry Divya and will stop at nothing to make sure that Kumar is out of the picture.

The first half of the movie focuses on the friendship between Kumar, Balaji, and Kuttimani. Their interactions and escapades are portrayed in a humorous manner, and Vadivelu's character provides most of the comic relief. The songs in the movie are also a highlight of the first half, with foot-tapping numbers like "Ayyo Pathikichu" and "Kovil Mani Osai" becoming popular with the audience.

The second half of the movie takes a serious turn, with the love triangle coming to the forefront. Aravind's manipulative tactics to get Kumar out of Divya's life are the main focus of this part of the movie. The climax of the movie is intense and emotional, leaving the audience with a bittersweet feeling.

The performances in the movie are noteworthy, with Silambarasan Rajendar showcasing his acting and dancing skills in equal measure. Sonia Agarwal is convincing as Divya, and her chemistry with Silambarasan is palpable. Vadivelu, as usual, is excellent in his role, providing comic relief when needed.

The music in the movie, composed by Harris Jayaraj, is the standout aspect of the movie. The songs are catchy and melodious and complement the storyline well.

Overall, Kovil is an entertaining movie that combines humor, romance, and drama in equal measure. The friendship between the three leads, the love triangle, and the performances of the actors make it a movie worth watching.

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    5.8  (895)