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  • 2004
  • 2 hr 48 min
  • 7.8  (1,174)

Autograph is a 2004 Tamil drama film directed by Cheran, starring him in the lead role along with Sneha and Gopika in the supporting roles. The movie follows the life of a successful film director, Senthil Venugopal, who is highly respected in the industry. He receives an invite to receive an award from his old school but he initially refuses to go. His assistant convinces him to attend and it is during this trip that some of the most significant events of his life happen.

The movie opens with Senthil Venugopal, a successful film director, who receives an invitation from his old school to receive an award. Due to his busy schedule, he refuses to go but his assistant convinces him to attend. Senthil then starts on a journey to his hometown, accompanied by his assistant, to collect his award. During the bus journey, he meets with the other passengers and begins to reminisce about his past. The major part of the movie is like a flashback that takes place in Senthil's mind.

The flashback takes us back to Senthil's college days where he meets with Jothi for the first time. She is a beautiful and ambitious girl who dreams of becoming a film actress. Senthil falls in love with Jothi, who soon reciprocates his feelings. After college, Senthil and Jothi get married.

After marriage, Senthil moves to Chennai to pursue his passion for filmmaking, leaving Jothi with her family. Senthil works hard, but there is no end to his struggle. He meets with a casting director who agrees to give him a chance. The casting director introduces him to a wealthy man, who is interested in producing a film. The film turns out to be a huge success and Senthil becomes a well-known director overnight.

Meanwhile, Jothi moves to Chennai to join him. Senthil continues to work hard and becomes a busy director. His busy schedule keeps him away from Jothi, who feels lonely and neglected. Jothi also becomes increasingly jealous of Sneha, an upcoming actress whom Senthil is mentoring. The jealousy creates misunderstandings between the couple and they start drifting apart.

The turning point of the movie comes when Senthil gets a call from his old college, inviting him to speak at a function. During the function, he is gifted with an autograph book, which takes him back to his college days. As the memories flood back, he remembers the time when he and Jothi were dating. Senthil realises how much he loves Jothi and decides to go back to her.

The last part of the movie is about Senthil's journey back to Jothi, as he faces various obstacles on the way. He is robbed of his money and phone and has to hitchhike his way back home. When he finally reaches Jothi, he finds her in a critical state. The movie ends with Senthil realising the importance of love and family.

Overall, Autograph is a heartwarming tale of love and relationships. The movie beautifully captures the emotions and struggles of a person who is constantly striving for success. The acting by Cheran, Sneha and Gopika is exceptional and the music by Bharathwaj complements the movie perfectly. The movie is a must-watch for anyone who appreciates good cinema.

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  • Release Date
  • Runtime
    2 hr 48 min
  • Language
  • IMDB Rating
    7.8  (1,174)