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  • NR
  • 2008
  • 6.4  (152)

Pirivom Santhippom is a 2008 Tamil language romantic drama film directed by Karu Pazhaniappan. The movie stars Cheran, Sneha, Jayaram, and Ganja Karuppu in pivotal roles. The movie tells the story of two loving couples who go through a series of ups and downs in their lives. The story takes place in Chennai, where the happy-go-lucky Pirivom Santhippom couple Ram (Cheran) and Mythili (Sneha) lead a contented life. Ram is a senior executive in a software firm, while Mythili is a homemaker who is deeply in love with her husband. In the meantime, we are introduced to another couple, Saravanan (Jayaram) and Sumathi (Navya Nair). They also lead a happy life until Saravanan's father passes away, and they are forced to move to Chennai from Coimbatore.

Saravanan is a writer and works for a Tamil magazine. He is uninterested in moving to Chennai, but the sudden demise of his father forces him to relocate. During his stay in Chennai, he meets Ram, and the two become good friends. Eventually, Saravanan and Sumathi move into an apartment in the same building where Ram and Mythili live.

Ram and Mythili enjoy welcoming their new neighbors, and the four quickly strike up a friendship. However, things start to change when Saravanan's boss, a wealthy businessman named Bala (Prakash Raj), becomes interested in Mythili. Bala is an alcoholic and has a history of being violent when drunk. Ram is aware of Bala's nature and tries to protect Mythili, but Saravanan is unaware of Bala's intentions.

As the story unfolds, the film takes us on a roller coaster ride of emotions. The lives of the two couples and their families intertwine, and they go through experiences that test their relationships. The film explores how friendship and trust are essential in a relationship and how jealousy, insecurity, and suspicion can jeopardize these valuable bonds.

The cinematography is one of the highlights of the movie, with visually stunning shots of Chennai's landscape. The music by Vidyasagar is another asset, and the songs are melodious and poignant. The film's core theme of friendship is beautifully depicted, and the performances of the actors are commendable. Cheran, Sneha, Jayaram, Navya Nair, and Ganja Karuppu have all done justice to their respective roles, making the characters relatable and powerful.

In conclusion, Pirivom Santhippom is an engrossing watch for all those who enjoy romantic dramas. The film's powerful message of friendship and trust makes it a memorable watch that leaves a lasting impression on the audience. The movie's direction, cinematography, music, and performances are all top-notch, giving audiences a truly memorable viewing experience. Overall, it is a must-watch movie for all those who wish to experience the joys and hardships of love and friendship.

Pirivom Santhippom
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