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  • NR
  • 2003
  • 2 hr 52 min
  • 6.8  (247)

Parthiban Kanavu is a romantic drama movie from 2003, directed by Karu Pazhaniappan. The movie follows the story of Ramanujan (played by Srikanth), a man who is madly in love with his childhood friend, Janaki (played by Sneha). However, Janaki is happily engaged to a wealthy man named Sathyaraj (played by Manivannan). Despite this, Ramanujan refuses to give up on his love for Janaki and tries to win her over. He becomes a frequent visitor to her house and does everything he can to make her happy. Meanwhile, Sathyaraj is suspicious of Ramanujan's intentions and hires a private detective to investigate him.

As the story progresses, the audience is introduced to a historical parallel in the form of King Parthiban (also played by Srikanth), who ruled over the region centuries ago. The history lesson comes courtesy of Janaki and a storyteller named Varma (played by Vivek).

The story of Parthiban narrated by Varma involves the king's attempts to take back his kingdom from the hands of his enemy, Pallava King Narasimhavarman. King Parthiban has a son, Vikraman, who he wants to be the future king of his kingdom. However, Vikraman is captured by King Narasimhavarman and is held captive in his palace.

The plot thickens as the audience watches the historical story unfold and slowly discover the intriguing similarities between the historical figures and the modern-day characters. King Parthiban's great love for his kingdom and family resonates with Ramanujan's love for Janaki. The character of Narasimhavarman finds echoes in the character of Sathyaraj, who is also a wealthy, powerful man who is unafraid of getting his way.

The movie takes several twists and turns as the audience is left wondering what will happen next. Will Ramanujan win Janaki's heart? Will Sathyaraj uncover Ramanujan's true intentions? Will King Parthiban succeed in taking back his kingdom from Narasimhavarman?

The movie's screenplay by Karu Pazhaniappan is excellent and succeeds in keeping the audience engaged from start to finish. The parallel storylines are interwoven seamlessly, and the audience is left guessing until the very end. The chemistry between Srikanth and Sneha is palpable, and the supporting cast of Vivek and Manivannan deliver great performances.

Parthiban Kanavu is a movie that leaves a lasting impression on its audiences. The themes of love, loyalty, and sacrifice are explored in great depth, and the historical parallels give a unique edge to the movie. It is a must-watch for anyone who loves a good romantic drama with an intriguing twist.

Parthiban Kanavu
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    6.8  (247)