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  • 2019
  • 2 hr 35 min
  • 6.5  (147)

Thirumanam is a Tamil-language drama film that was released in 2019. The film is directed by Cheran and stars himself along with Sukanya in the lead roles. The movie revolves around the lives of a few families and their struggle to uphold the values and traditions associated with arranged marriages. The story is set in Coimbatore and follows the lives of two families, who are staunch believers in the traditional values associated with arranged marriages. On the one hand, we have the family of Kavya (played by Kavya Suresh), who is a young woman ready to get married. Her parents are well-to-do and come from an old-money family. They have been searching for the perfect groom for their daughter, and despite several attempts, they haven't found a suitable match.

On the other hand, we have the family of Dinesh (played by Cheran), who is a government employee and a doting father. Dinesh has an elder son, who is already married, and a younger son, who is also of marriageable age. Dinesh's family is more liberal when it comes to choosing a partner, but they are not completely averse to following traditional customs.

The movie explores the challenges faced by both families as they try to navigate the tricky world of arranged marriages. Kavya's parents are having a tough time finding a suitable match for their daughter as they are very picky about the family background, education, and profession of the groom. This leads to a lot of friction between Kavya and her parents as she feels that they are being too rigid in their approach.

Meanwhile, Dinesh is torn between his desire to see his son settled down and the pressure from his family and society to follow certain customs. His son, who is a software engineer, is not too keen on getting married to a traditional girl and is looking for someone who shares his values and interests.

The movie also explores the themes of caste and class divide as Kavya's parents refuse to even consider a match from a lower-middle-class family. This leads to some confrontations between the families, and we see how the people involved try to handle the situation.

The performances in the movie are good, with Cheran delivering a strong performance as the concerned father who is struggling to balance tradition and modernity. Sukanya, who plays his wife, is equally impressive, and there is good chemistry between the two. Kavya Suresh, who plays the role of Kavya, is also convincing as the headstrong young woman who is not afraid to challenge the norms.

The writing is good, and the movie manages to keep the viewers engaged throughout its runtime. The plot does not have any major twists or turns, but it's the characters and their struggles that keep the audience interested. The movie does an excellent job of exploring the complexities of arranged marriages and the challenges faced by families trying to uphold tradition in a rapidly changing world.

The music in the movie is forgettable, but the cinematography is decent. The visuals capture the essence of Coimbatore and provide a good background to the story.

In conclusion, Thirumanam is a well-made drama that explores the challenges faced by families trying to follow traditional customs in a changing world. The performances are strong, and the writing is good. The movie does not break any new ground, but it's a good watch for anyone interested in exploring the complexities of arranged marriages.

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    2 hr 35 min
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  • IMDB Rating
    6.5  (147)