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  • 2000
  • 2 hr 46 min
  • 7.2  (292)

Vetri Kodi Kattu is a Tamil drama film released in 2000. Directed by Cheran, the movie features an ensemble cast including Murali, Parthiban Radhakrishnan, and Meena in lead roles, supported by Manorama, Vadivelu, and Malavika. Set in a rural village, Vetri Kodi Kattu revolves around the lives of two close friends and their struggles to make a living and fulfill their dreams in adverse circumstances. The story beautifully captures the essence of rural life, the values of friendship, and the challenges faced by the common man.

The film primarily focuses on the characters Chezhiyan (Murali) and Ganesh (Parthiban) and their unbreakable bond. Chezhiyan is a responsible and hardworking man whose sole purpose in life is to support his family. He works as a farmer and faces numerous hardships to make ends meet. Despite the financial difficulties, Chezhiyan remains a strong pillar of support for his loved ones.

On the other hand, Ganesh, an ever-optimistic individual, dreams of achieving success through any means possible. He possesses a business-oriented mind and aspires to strike it big in life. However, Ganesh's lofty ambitions often lead him into trouble and he finds himself caught up in unethical situations. Throughout the film, the contrasting characters of Chezhiyan and Ganesh highlight the different paths one can take in life when faced with adversity.

The narrative takes a turn when the friends encounter a wealthy businessman named Gurumoorthy (played by Nasser) who comes to their village. Gurumoorthy promises to financially support one of them with a large sum of money, making it a life-changing opportunity for either Chezhiyan or Ganesh. This unexpected twist becomes the central conflict of the film, testing the characters' loyalty, integrity, and friendship.

The movie beautifully portrays the emotions and dilemmas faced by the friends as they grapple with the choice between their aspirations and their bond. Through this dilemma, the film explores themes of morality and the harsh realities of life, shedding light on the choices people must make to survive in a competitive world.

Vetri Kodi Kattu gracefully depicts the village life, showcasing the struggles and aspirations of its inhabitants. The film's realistic portrayal allows the audience to connect deeply with the characters, as they find themselves immersed in the hardships and emotional turmoil experienced by Chezhiyan and Ganesh.

The performances by the lead actors are praiseworthy. Murali breathes life into Chezhiyan's character, delivering a heartfelt performance that evokes empathy from the audience. Parthiban portrays the flamboyant and ambitious Ganesh with finesse and charm. Meena, in the role of Subha, provides strong support to the narrative, showcasing her acting prowess.

The film's engaging screenplay, written by Cheran himself, keeps the audience hooked as it explores the complexities of relationships, hardships, and the pursuit of dreams. Vetri Kodi Kattu's soulful music, composed by Deva, further adds emotional depth to the narrative and is complemented by the breathtaking cinematography, capturing the beauty of rural landscapes.

Vetri Kodi Kattu is a heartfelt drama that showcases the strength of friendship, the harsh realities of life, and the moral choices one must face. Cheran's direction, combined with powerful performances and a compelling story, creates an emotional and thought-provoking cinematic experience. Whether you're a fan of Tamil cinema or appreciate captivating storytelling, Vetri Kodi Kattu is a film that will surely leave a lasting impact.

Vetri Kodi Kattu is a 2000 drama with a runtime of 2 hours and 46 minutes. It has received mostly positive reviews from critics and viewers, who have given it an IMDb score of 7.2.

Vetri Kodi Kattu
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    2 hr 46 min
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    7.2  (292)