A Dog's Purpose

"Every dog happens for a reason."

As we follow a dog throughout his life a narrator voices the dog's life as he looks for his purpose over several lifetimes. This young pup starts out with his mother and his siblings. After a short time he is picked up and taken to a dog pound. The next life this young pup starts out in a cage and he remembers his past life. The men leave the puppy in their car on a hot day. A young boy Ethan finds the puppy struggling so he and his mother take the puppy home and name him Bailey. Ethan and Bailey form a bond with many adventures visiting Ethan's grandparent's farm where Bailey is awestruck with the sights and smells of farm animals. Bailey learns how to play catch with Ethan with a deflated football. Bailey lives a great life and Ethan is there to say goodbye.

This young pup goes from a German shepherd K9 police dog to a female college student Corgi and then to a St. Bernard mix. Each life this puppy lives brings its own ups and downs.

| 2017 | 2 hr | 6.1/10
Lasse Hallstrom
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A Dog's Purpose

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