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"Every dog happens for a reason."

Apparently cats aren't the only ones with 9 lives. In this heart-wrenching family drama, a devoted dog attempts to make sense of existence (and that of mankind) as it narrates its journey through life; or rather, lives. The same canine is reincarnated again and again over the course of fifty-plus years. Some of it's lives are hard, some easy; some are short, some are long. Over the course of its lives, the dog develops an unbreakable bond with a kindred human spirit, Ethan, who grows older as the dog enters, leaves, and reenters his life in different forms and by different names. As the dog seeks to learn the true reality of his earthly existence, he must also push Ethan to look within himself to make sense of the world, of his identity, of death, and of life. Every tear, every smile, every tragedy, every triumph, and every dog happens for a reason.

| 2017 | 2 hr | 6.1/10
Lasse Hallstrom
A Dog's Purpose
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