Kung Fu Mahjong

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Kung Fu Mahjong is about the story of a man named Chi Mo Sai, who meets a man named Wong in his aunt's cafe. Wong tells hims that he has a photographic memory and decides to teaches Chi Mo Sai how to play Mahjong. However, Wong's boss, Fei, is completely against this. Wong decides to challenge his competitors by participating in Mahjong tournaments, which impresses a well-known boss of the triad named Tin Kau Ko. One day, Wong becomes attracted to Tin's mistress, which causes him to get beaten up by Tin's men. Wong decides to beat Tin so he can win the girl and gain the honorable reputation as the King of Mahjong.

Not Rated
| 2005 | 2 hr 17 min | 5.7/10
Wah Yuen, Qiu Yuen, Roger Kwok, Theresa Fu
Billy Chung,Wong Jing
Produced By
Wong Jing
Kung Fu Mahjong
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Also directed by Siu-hung Chung, Jing Wong

Also starring Qiu Yuen