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"He was a shooting star headed for the big time, until he took the fall. Nobody escapes the streets."
  • R
  • 2002
  • 6.9  (4,731)

On the Edge is a 2001 psychological drama film starring Cillian Murphy, Tricia Vessey, and Martin Carney. The movie follows Jonathan Breech (Murphy), a troubled teenager who is admitted to a psychiatric hospital after he attempts suicide by driving a stolen car off a cliff. The hospital is located in a remote area, surrounded by beautiful landscapes and farms.

At first, Jonathan is distant and unresponsive, but over time, he forms a bond with two fellow patients, Rachel (Vessey) and Toby (Carney). Rachel is a talented artist who has retreated into herself following a traumatic experience. Toby is a kind and sensitive young man who is struggling to cope with the loss of his father. Jonathan finds solace in their friendship and slowly begins to open up about his own past.

As Jonathan gets to know his fellow patients, he also meets Dr. Figure (Stephen Rea), a compassionate and insightful psychiatrist who is determined to help him overcome his demons. Dr. Figure is impressed by Jonathan's intelligence and his ability to articulate his emotions, but he also recognizes the depth of his trauma.

Jonathan's history is gradually revealed throughout the movie, as we see flashbacks to his troubled childhood and his difficult relationship with his father (Jim Norton). Jonathan's father is a demanding and abusive figure who pushes his son to succeed in music, despite the fact that Jonathan does not share his passion. Jonathan also struggles with his sexuality, as he develops feelings for his close friend Pete (Darren Healy).

As Jonathan reflects on his past and grapples with his present, he begins to confront his inner demons and make progress in his recovery. He also starts to develop romantic feelings for Rachel, and the two become each other's support system. However, their relationships are tested by a series of events that threaten to throw them back into emotional turmoil.

On the Edge is a poignant and powerful exploration of mental health and the struggles of adolescence. The movie is anchored by Cillian Murphy's intense and nuanced performance, which brilliantly captures the turbulence and vulnerability of a young man on the brink of self-destruction. The supporting cast is also outstanding, with Tricia Vessey and Martin Carney delivering sensitive and empathetic portrayals of their own respective characters.

Director John Carney masterfully blends stunning visuals with a haunting score that perfectly captures the film's emotional intensity. The movie's themes of trauma, identity, and hope are explored with depth and sensitivity, making it an unforgettable and affecting cinematic experience. On the Edge is a masterpiece of indie cinema that showcases the talent and versatility of its cast and crew.

On the Edge
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