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"Cross the line... ... pay the price"
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The film, Corrupt, was filmed in 1999 and released to the public in 2000. Most of the music in the film was done by Ice-T. The film was directed by Albert Pyun, and it was written by Hannah Blue and Andrew Markell. The MPAA rating for the film is "R," and the genres of the film are: drama, crime, and action/adventure. It is definitely not a movie that should be seen by children because the movie is very violent at times, and it contains language not suitable for children.

The movie tells about the street violence that has been going on for decades, but the movie shows how the two respective gangs have decided to draw a truce. The truce does not last the entire length of the movie as they are soon at odds with one another again. The character MJ played by Silkk the Shocker is happy that he has a plan to get his sister, Jodi, and himself out of the ghetto. He wants to start his life over again because he is unhappy where he lives with the criminal activity going on. The only person in the way of MJ's plan is Corrupt, played by Ice-T This will result in a bloody battle between the two gangs.

Watch the movie to see how who wins the gang war! The movie is based on a sad situation that we see way too often. People who try to get themselves out of the ghetto are unsuccessful at doing so even when they have good intentions. They want to stop committing crimes to "fly right" in the community, but it can be very hard to stop. It also shows the public how hard it is to leave a gang once you have joined it.

The cast of the film and their respective parts are: Silkk Tha Shocker as M.J., Ice-T as Corrupt, Tarsha Nicole Jones as Margo, Ernie Hudson Jr. as Miles, Karen Dyer as Jodie, T.J. Storm as Cinque, Tahitia Hicks as Lisa, Taylor Scott as Pammi, Jahi J.J. Zuri as Yazu.The film was not rated well by critics or movie watchers. Ice-T even puts down his role in the movie. You will have to watch the movie to see if you like it! The ratings are disappointing considering how many famous people are in the movie. You will definitely enjoy this film from beginning to end!

| 1999 | 1 hr 30 min | 4.1/10
Silkk the Shocker, Ice-T, Tarsha Nicole Jones, Ernie Hudson Jr.
Albert Pyun

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