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  • 2005
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Kung Fu Mahjong 2 is a 2005 Hong Kong comedy-drama film, directed by Law Wing-cheong and starring veteran actors Qiu Yuen, Wah Yuen, and Taiwanese actress Cherrie Ying. The film features an ensemble cast of both returning and new characters, all of whom are involved in the world of Mahjong. The movie follows the story of Chi Mo Sai (played by Qiu Yuen), an elderly Mahjong master who is on the verge of retirement. She has decided to pass on her skills to her loyal disciple, Ngai Sing (played by Roger Kwok), who has proven his worth through his victories against other skilled players. At the same time, Sai's estranged daughter, Ling (played by Cherrie Ying), also returns to her mother's life, making for a complicated family dynamic.

As the story unfolds, we are introduced to a new group of formidable Mahjong players, led by the charismatic Mr. Wu (played by Wah Yuen), who are trying to gain more territory in the world of Mahjong. This brings about a series of intense Mahjong matches, where both the old and new players face off against each other. The intricacies of the game, coupled with the personalities of the characters, make for a thrilling and entertaining watch.

Apart from the Mahjong battles, the movie also delves into the personal lives of the characters. We learn more about Chi Mo Sai's relationship with her daughter Ling and how their fractured relationship came to be. Ngai Sing's love interest, Nancy (played by Yuen Qiu), is also introduced, and we see how their romance blossoms amidst the high stakes of Mahjong.

Throughout the movie, there is a strong emphasis on family values and being true to oneself. Each character has their own struggles and obstacles to overcome, but in the end, they all come together as a team to face the challenges ahead.

The film's cinematography is visually stunning, with bright colors and fast-paced editing that matches the intensity of the Mahjong games. The Mahjong tiles themselves are also intricately designed and play a significant role in the storytelling.

Overall, Kung Fu Mahjong 2 is a well-made movie that blends humor, drama, and action seamlessly. It is a feast for the eyes and a treat for fans of Mahjong or Asian comedy films. The ensemble cast of veteran actors delivers stellar performances, and the storyline is engaging and exciting. Whether you are a Mahjong aficionado or just looking for a fun and lighthearted film to watch, Kung Fu Mahjong 2 is definitely worth a watch.

Kung Fu Mahjong 2
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