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  • 2001
  • 1 hr 45 min
  • 6.0  (590)

La Brassiere is a light-hearted and comedic Hong Kong film released in 2001. Directed by Hing-Ka Chan and Patrick Leung, the movie features a notable cast including Ching Wan Lau, Louis Koo, and Carina Lau. The with a unique premise, La Brassiere revolves around the unexpected and amusing challenges faced by two men in a traditionally female-dominated industry: lingerie design.

The movie unfolds in a bustling and competitive lingerie company, where creativity and innovation are crucial for staying afloat in the business. The company's CEO, played by Carina Lau, is determined to revolutionize the industry with a groundbreaking product - the ultimate bra that can cater to all women's needs. This ambitious project aims to secure the company's leading position in the market.

However, the CEO is faced with a dilemma; she strongly believes that only a female designer could truly understand a woman's needs when it comes to the perfect brassiere. Despite her reservations, circumstances lead to the hiring of two male designers, played by Ching Wan Lau and Louis Koo, who are challenged with this seemingly impossible task - neither of them has any experience in lingerie design and, understandably, they encounter a wide array of comic mishaps as they navigate their new roles.

Ching Wan Lau's character, Johnny, is a straight-laced and artistic soul who takes the craft very seriously. He is the more experienced designer of the two but is entirely unfamiliar with the intimacies of women's lingerie. On the other hand, Louis Koo's character, Wayne, is a smooth-talking, handsome, and somewhat womanizing salesman, who is more intrigued by the women around him than the task at hand. Yet, both men are determined to succeed for their own reasons, which sets the foundation for both the comedy and the tension that unfolds throughout the film.

Their initiation into the feminine world of bra design is rife with comedic moments as they fumble through understanding the diverse and intricate desires women have for their undergarments. The film delves into the various trials and errors they experience as they engage in activities like wearing bras filled with water bags to better understand the weight women carry, interviewing women of all walks of life about their preferences, and even spying in women's locker rooms to get a grasp of the practical issues that women face with existing bra designs - leading to situations filled with humor and potential disaster.

Throughout their journey, Johnny and Wayne must also navigate the complexities of their interactions with their female colleagues, some of whom are skeptical of their abilities while others are more supportive. The duo's incompetence in a field dominated by women sets up a series of cultural and gender-based misunderstandings that add depth to the humour of the film.

La Brassiere is not merely about the laughs, though. The film also offers a nod to the stereotypes and gender roles that are prevalent in society. It smartly uses the situation of two men in a women's world to comment on the nature of understanding and empathy between the sexes. As Johnny and Wayne dive deeper into their project, they gradually begin to comprehend the essence of women's needs and learn valuable life lessons beyond the world of lingerie.

The movie is styled with a vibrant color palette and fast-paced editing, keeping the viewer engaged. The production design gives an insight into the exotic and intimate world of lingerie with a touch of glamour and sophistication. The score and soundtrack complement the comedic and whimsical tone of the film, further enhancing the viewing experience.

The performances by Ching Wan Lau, Louis Koo, and Carina Lau are noteworthy, each bringing their unique charisma to the screen. Ching Wan Lau excels as the sincere and sometimes clueless Johnny, while Louis Koo's charisma and timing make Wayne a likable and entertaining character despite his flaws. Carina Lau, as the CEO, brings a strong and empowering female presence to the film, balancing out the male-dominated humor with grace and assertiveness.

La Brassiere succeeds in delivering not just a comedy but also a story with heart. It touches on themes of friendship, dedication, and the breaking down of gender barriers. The film ends up making one reflect on the importance of understanding and collaboration across gender lines in any professional field.

Filled with hilarious scenarios, engaging performances, and a touch of meaningful social commentary, La Brassiere is a delightful cinematic experience that offers both laughter and a subtle critique of gender norms in the workplace, wrapped up in the unlikely world of women's intimate apparel.

La Brassiere
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    6.0  (590)