The Longest Nite

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The Longest Nite, also known as Am faa, is a movie about a police named Sam who forms an agreement with two leaders of the Triad that wants to aid him in a Macao war. Sam becomes skeptical about a bald guy named Tony who seems to be stalking him and interfering in his personal affairs. Sam soon finds out that he is a murder suspect in the murder of a club owner, but he believes that the bald guy, Tony, knows more than he lets on.

Not Rated
| 1998 | | 7.4/10
Ching Wan Lau, Tony Chiu-Wai Leung, Maggie Siu, Hoi-Pang Lo
Patrick Yau,Johnnie To
Produced By
Johnnie To,Wai Ka-fai
The Longest Nite
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