Running Out of Time 2

"Catch me... If you can"
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This film tells the story of a thief who is looked at by the surrounding community as being sort of a Robin Hood type figure. He steals and shares with the poor. This thief specializes in stealing valuable art pieces and holding them for ransom. However, on this latest heist of his he caught the eye of one of the most ruthless detectives in the town. This detective is known for his unconventional tactics when it comes to apprehending criminals. The film follows these two strong individuals who begin to play a violent and dangerously lengthy game of cat and mouse.

Not Rated
| 2002 | | 5.8/10
Ching Wan Lau, Ekin Cheng, Kelly Lin, Shiu Hung Hui
Johnnie To,Law Wing-cheung
Produced By
Johnnie To
Running Out of Time 2
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