Dance of a Dream

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Dance of a Dream is a dramatic comedy romance that is even a Christmas movie, featuring a dance teacher who is small time. He has a partner and the two of them plan to snag a businesswoman who is frigid to increase their bankroll and is seriously shrinking. They succeed when her brother talks her into taking the dancing lessons. At the same time, a waitress falls for the instructor at first sight and signs up for class just to be close to him. The waitress has a strange behavior, but she is still portrayed as being sweet with a good heart.

The movie is fun, joyful and has lots of dancing.

2001 | | 6.2/10
Andy Lau, Sandra Kwan Yue Ng, Anita Mui, Ka Tung Lam
Andrew Lau
Produced By
Andy Lau, Andrew Lau
Dance of a Dream
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