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  • 2001
  • 6.1  (378)

In the 2001 film Dance of a Dream, Andy Lau plays Kam, an aging dancer who dreams of opening his own dance school. His partner and longtime dance instructor, Shirley (Anita Mui), has always been supportive of Kam's dream, but their dance studio is struggling and they need a new source of income to keep it afloat. The pressure is mounting as Kam realizes that he may never achieve his dream, and Shirley's health begins to decline.

Into this mix comes May (Sandra Kwan Yue Ng), a wealthy young woman who wants to learn how to dance for her upcoming wedding. Despite initial clashes between May's entitled attitude and Kam's frustration with his struggling dance school, the two eventually form a connection as Kam teaches May how to dance and she begins to see the beauty and joy in the art form.

There are several subplots in the film, including Kam's estranged relationship with his father and Shirley's secrets about her health. But at its core, Dance of a Dream is a story about the transformative power of dance and the relationships that can form through it.

Throughout the film, there are several stunning dance sequences, showcasing the talents of the three leads as well as the ensemble of dancers who make up their studio. The dance styles range from ballroom to Latin to hip hop, and each routine is expertly choreographed and executed.

But the heart of the film lies in the relationships between Kam, Shirley, and May. The dynamic between Kam and Shirley is particularly poignant, as they have danced together for so many years and their bond is unbreakable even as Shirley's health deteriorates. Lau and Mui have a palpable chemistry on screen, and their scenes together are some of the film's most emotional.

Sandra Kwan Yue Ng is also a standout in her role as May. Initially presented as a spoiled brat, May undergoes a transformation as she learns to dance and connects with Kam and Shirley. Ng brings a vulnerability to the character that makes her journey all the more compelling.

As the film builds to its climax, Kam's dream of opening a dance school seems farther and farther away. But through the power of dance and the strength of his relationships with Shirley and May, Kam finds a way to make his dream a reality.

Overall, Dance of a Dream is a beautiful film that showcases the art of dance while telling a heartwarming story about the bonds that can form through it. The performances by the three leads are outstanding, and the dance sequences are some of the best you'll see in any film. If you're a fan of dance movies or just looking for a feel-good story with great performances, Dance of a Dream is definitely worth your attention.

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