A Fighter's Blues

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Mong Fu is a professional Thai boxer that has spent the last thirteen years of his life behind bars in a Hong Kong prison. Immediately after his release, Mong Fu makes the journey back to Thailand to see his girlfriend. However, upon arriving in Thailand he makes the grim discovery that his girlfriend has died. She ended up bearing a child that belongs to Mong Fu. Shocked at the gift she left him, he decides to do everything he could to raise his new daughter correctly and show her endless love. In order to gain his honor back, Mong Fu challenges the current Thai boxing champion to a fight.

2000 | 1 hr 45 min | 6.3/10
Andy Lau, Takako Tokiwa, Inthira Charoenpura, Apichaya Thanatthanapong
Daniel Lee
Produced By
Andy Lau, Derek Yee
A Fighter's Blues
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