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  • 2002
  • 1 hr 36 min
  • 6.7  (1,216)

Fat Choi Spirit is a Hong Kong comedy film directed by Johnnie To and starring Andy Lau, Ching Wan Law, and Louis Koo. The movie was released in 2002 and is set in the weeks leading up to the Chinese New Year. The film takes a lighthearted look at friendship, money, and gambling in Hong Kong's bustling society. The story follows the lives of three best friends: Andy, Uncle Leung, and Louis, who all have different backgrounds and personalities. Andy is a recovering gambler who owns a computer store, Uncle Leung is a wealthy antique collector, and Louis is a successful stockbroker. The three friends decide to join forces and work together to make a fortune by gambling on the World Cup. They pool their money together and begin placing bets on matches.

As the soccer matches unfold, the friends encounter various obstacles and challenges, including their own mischievous attempts to cheat fate. However, they ultimately learn that friendship and honesty are more valuable than money and that the true spirit of gambling is not about winning or losing but about the camaraderie and the thrill of the game.

The cinematography of Fat Choi Spirit is excellent, with many scenes shot in the bustling streets of Hong Kong, lending authenticity to the story. The humor in the film is subtle and witty, with many moments that will make audiences laugh out loud. The film also has a great sense of pacing, moving along quickly while still giving the audience enough time to connect with the characters.

Apart from the main characters, the movie also features some interesting supporting characters. One of them is Linny, Andy's girlfriend, who runs a hairdressing salon. She is a tough and independent woman who displays great patience and understanding towards Andy, even when he relapses into his gambling addiction. There is also Uncle Pang, who is Uncle Leung's assistant but also a trusted friend who helps the trio with their gambling endeavors.

Overall, Fat Choi Spirit is an enjoyable movie that combines comedy, drama, and sports. It is a film that showcases gambling as a form of entertainment that brings people together rather than tearing them apart. It also highlights the importance of friendship and honesty, and how they can make life more fulfilling than the pursuit of money. This movie stands out for its skillful combination of humor and heart, making it a must-watch for fans of Hong Kong cinema.

Fat Choi Spirit
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  • Release Date
  • Runtime
    1 hr 36 min
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  • IMDB Rating
    6.7  (1,216)