La prima notte di quiete

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  • 1972
  • 2 hr 12 min
  • 7.2  (2,495)

La prima notte di quiete is a 1972 Italian-French drama film directed by Valerio Zurlini. The film stars Alain Delon, Giancarlo Giannini, and Sonia Petrovna in the lead roles. The movie is also known as Indian Summer and has been praised for its cinematography and music. The story takes place in a small town in northern Italy, where a handsome and mysterious French teacher, Daniele Dominici (Alain Delon), arrives at a local high school. From the very beginning, his exceptional beauty and charismatic personality impress the students and the staff of the school, especially the female ones. He quickly becomes the object of admiration of a young and naive female student, Vanina Abati (Sonia Petrovna), who falls madly in love with him.

However, Daniele is not interested in any romantic attachments and keeps his distance from Vanina. Instead, he becomes friends with the school's biology teacher, Professor Luca Salta (Giancarlo Giannini), who is also fascinated by Daniele's intellect and his mysterious past.

As the story unfolds, we learn about Daniele's painful past and his struggle to find meaning and love in his life. He is haunted by the memories of his lost love, Sonia, and is constantly searching for something that seems out of reach.

Meanwhile, Vanina becomes increasingly obsessed with Daniele and begins to stalk him, which eventually leads to a tragic ending.

The film stands out for its stunning cinematography, capturing the beauty and charm of the Italian countryside in the 1970s. The music, composed by Mario Nascimbene, also adds to the movie's atmospheric and haunting quality.

La prima notte di quiete is a slow and introspective film that explores themes of love, desire, loss, and loneliness. It reflects on the complexities of human relationships and the struggle to find meaning in life despite the inevitable pain and suffering that come with it.

Overall, La prima notte di quiete is a powerful and emotive film that showcases the talents of its talented cast and crew. It is a must-see for anyone who appreciates artful filmmaking and thought-provoking storytelling.

La prima notte di quiete
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  • Release Date
  • Runtime
    2 hr 12 min
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  • IMDB Rating
    7.2  (2,495)