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"A beautiful body under water. A private eye in over his head."
  • R
  • 1968
  • 1 hr 33 min
  • 5.8  (2,809)

Lady in Cement is a 1968 crime mystery film starring the legendary Frank Sinatra famously known for his roles in “From Here to Eternity,” “The Man With A Golden Arm,” and “Ocean's Eleven.” Directed by Gordon Douglas and based on a novel by Marvin H. Albert, Lady In Cement brings an intriguing plot with an excellent cast, making it a must-watch movie of its time.

The plot of the movie revolves around Tony Rome (Frank Sinatra), a private detective who is indulged in his love for booze and women. Tony gets himself tangled up in a case that involves a dead body of a beautiful and wealthy young woman he discovers while scuba diving. The lady is found encased in cement, and that's where the movie derives its name.

Tony Rome, with his quick wit and sharp senses, becomes the primary suspect in the murder of the woman he found. However, he is convinced of his innocence and decides to investigate the case and the people surrounding the victim himself. He pieces together organic clues as he navigates from strip clubs, bars, detectives, and high society parties in Miami Beach, Florida.

As Tony unravels the mystery, he encounters the beautiful Kit Forrest (Raquel Welch), who has connections to the murdered girl. Kit later becomes Tony's love interest, but their romance seems to be rocky or mere fling. Richard Conte plays Lieutenant Dave Santini, the lead detective in charge of the investigation, and faces off with Tony Rome throughout the movie, adding to the suspense.

Lady In Cement has its moments of humor, thrills, and a fantastic soundtrack that complements the scenes. At the same time, the movie is built around a complex and intriguing plot that leaves an audience in suspense. Despite the era in which it was created, the film holds up, and the performances by the actors do not feel dated.

Frank Sinatra's Tony Rome is a timeless classic character that entertains and amuses the audience with his laid-back, sarcastic approach to a dangerous situation. Sinatra's performance is complemented by his banter and natural flair, keeping the audience enthralled throughout the movie.

Raquel Welch plays the character of Kit Forest, an independent woman who gets involved in Tony's quest to solve the case. Despite her limited screen time, her performance is enjoyable, and the chemistry between her and Sinatra makes the movie more endearing.

The movie's supporting cast, including Richard Conte, Dan Blocker as Schwartz, and Martin Gabel as Al Mungar, all played their respective roles to the T, fitting in seamlessly to add to the intrigue.

Another notable aspect of Lady in Cement is the amazing sound and music direction, which is a reflection of the era and balances the thriller and romantic elements of the movie. The opening sequence itself shows Tony Rome's scuba diving accompanied by an upbeat instrumental tune, setting the tone for the movie.

To add to the presentation, Lady in Cement was filmed in Miami Beach, Florida, providing the perfect backdrop to create the story's intended atmosphere. The palm trees, the beaches, and the nightlife, all culminate to provide the perfect visual representation of what Miami Beach was like in the 1960s.

In conclusion, Lady In Cement is a well-paced movie that blends the perfect cocktail of suspense, action, and romance. The movie's talented cast and phenomenal directing make it a compelling watch even today. It has become a cult classic and is a testament to the grit and glamour of filmmaking in the 60s.

Lady In Cement
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