Sergeants 3

"They're the Wildest Characters in All the West!"
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When a group of elite personnel from the United States military must fill the posts of Marine operatives, tension run high. The Marines have long despised the Army's branch of soldiers, and they make their distaste known with a series of fights, pranks, and verbal abuses. When the soldiers can take no more, they decide to stage a raid on the marines' barracks, and end up targeting the wrong quarters. In an effort to get out of their punishment, they devise a new scheme that results in heavy injuries, national danger, and a speech from their general that they will never forget.

| 1962 | 1 hr 52 min | 6.0/10
Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Sammy Davis Jr., Peter Lawford
John Sturges
Produced By
Frank Sinatra, Howard W. Koch
Sergeants 3
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